Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A New Year

I've been meaning to blog about our Christmas, but now I feel that too much time has passed to make it worth blogging about, so I'll give a brief recap.

We had a wonderful holiday.  Actually, our whole month of December was pretty dang awesome....Festival of Trees, Semi-Formal Christmas party, ugly sweater parties, the lights on Temple Square, David Archuleta with the Mo-Tab(My personal favorite) and a fabulous Christmas with both of our families.  Josh and I were spoiled.  We are so blessed to have such wonderful families. 

Anyway, 2010 went by faster than any other year, don't you think?  It's crazy how each year seems to go by faster than the previous year.

Overall, 2010 was a great year for us.

We survived our first year of marriage - We both started new jobs - Taught the cutest Sunbeams in the entire world - Welcomed a new niece to the family - Saw Legally Blonde: The Musical - I successfully pranked Josh - I started learning how to sew - Attended our first ever Jazz Playoff game - Celebrated the retirement of both my mom and dad - Saw Backstreet Boys and Carrie Underwood in concert -  Josh got his first and hopefully last kidney stone - Said goodbye to my cute Grandma - Had a lot of good times with family and friends.

Things we are looking forward to 2011:

- Buying a house...hopefully in our ward(fingers crossed!)
- Going on a vacation.  A real vacation - I will make sure this happens!
- Paying off my car - oh yeah, it's happening this month!
- Attending the temple at least once a month
- Going to Arizona/Colorado for my cousin's wedding
- Spending lots of time with friends and family
- And hopefully, conceive a child.  :)

Happy 2011 Everyone!