Monday, September 27, 2010

Girl's Night Out!

Hey girls!

If any of you are looking for something fun to do while the men in your life are at the Priesthood session on Saturday night, you should check out my friend's Girls Night Out.

My good friend Brittany and her mom own an amazing wholesale home decor business and are having a fun little event this Saturday, October 2 from 6-8 p.m.

Brittany has also started a little clothing business and she has the cutest stuff!  And most of it is $40 or less! You should check out her clothing blog at or join her fan page on Facebook by clicking here.

If I could describe Brittany in one word, it would be "CLASSY."  She has amazing taste and has an eye for what looks good.  I want to learn her secrets. :)  I know you will love her stuff.

Here is the address for the event:

6567 S. Cottonwood Street(300 West)
Murray, UT

They will have clothing, jewelry and home decor.  You will love it all!


Mindy said...

Her stuff is so GORGEOUS! How can I purchase online ... If I wanted to ... because not that I want to spend more money on clothes. Dag nabbit! I DO. I just don't think I will making it in that direction anytime soon. P.s. How does she do it? How does she make all that stuff???

Allison and Josh said...

I don't know if you can order online yet, but she goes to all different types of boutiques and stuff like that so hopefully they'll be one closer to you sometime. Just follow her blog and facebook page :) She gets all the clothes by going to buyer shows and gets them at cost, and then resells them. She goes to Vegas a lot and in February she is going to a show in New York!! Her stuff is the cutest! And the home decor items they make are to die for as well!

Matt & Mele Hardman Est. Feb 14, 2008 said...

OMG I woul dhave totally come if I had seen this post sooner. DANG IT!
Miss your face...lets play!