Sunday, October 2, 2011

Because I felt like blogging....

Do you ever have one of those weeks where you feel like you are on the verge of tears almost every second of every day?  Well this past week was one of those weeks for me.(If you never feel like this, then I want to be you.  Sometimes I think I have more emotions than the average girl.)  I can't really find one main reason for why this past week was like that.  There were just lots of little things that made it a not so great week.

Maybe it's the fact that the year is almost over and some things that I had hoped would have happened by now, haven't.  Maybe it's because a woman in my ward accused me of not fulfilling my (former)church calling while at a ward activity.  Maybe it's because there are about a thousand things I still want to do to our house before winter comes.  Maybe it's because there aren't enough hours in a day to accomplish everything I want to.  Whatever it is, I hope this funk goes away real soon.  Poor Josh.  I am not a very good wife when I'm like this.

Anyway,  I'm trying to think positive and count my blessings.  I have a lot of blessings.

I have a roof over my head.  I live in a home in a neighborhood and ward that I love.

I have a cute husband who is always logical and quick to forgive me of my faults.

I have a wonderful family and fabulous inlaws.  I have the cutest little pomeranian that ever lived.

My nieces are dang cute and I love them and I know they love me.

I have wonderful friends that are always willing to listen and be there for me.

My face has finally cleared up after being attacked by zits the entire summer.

I am blessed to have the knowledge of the gospel and I am so grateful I had the opportunity to be spiritually fed this weekend by the words of our beloved prophet and apostles.

I got my hair done yesterday by my wonderful mother in law and there really is nothing better than fresh blonde and a fresh cut.  I am loving my new bangs.

I got some new hair products at cost thanks to my mother in law.  I love getting new hair products.  Especially for cheap.

I have a new church calling that I absolutely love.  I am now the Mia Maid adviser and I absolutely love and adore the girls and the leaders that I work with.

One of my darling Mia Maids made my week when she asked me if I would give her a ride to Wal-Mart tomorrow and help her pick up the products she needs to complete one of her Personal Progress projects.  It made me feel so good that she just met me and she didn't hesitate to ask for help.   I love her so much already.

I have so many blessings.

Here's to a better week!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

hair help

Okay friends...

I'm getting my hair done soon and I need some advice.  I am so sick of my hair right now and it doesn't help that I have two inch, dirty blonde roots.  blah.  Overall, I'm ready for a little change.  Nothing drastic, but just something to spice things up a bit.  Maybe some more layers-since mine are practically grown out and maybe some cute swoopy bangs?  You be the judge.  Here are some pictures of styles I like.  Please share your thoughts.

Love the bangs.  Not too short and not too thick.  But obviously I wouldn't let them hang down into my eyes like that.  

Carrie always has perfect hair.  I love the idea of bangs when wearing your hair up.

I pretty much wish my hair could look like this everyday.  So sassy and full of volume.  I love the layers.

The color is darker than what I would ever do, but I love the bangs and the loose curls.  Love the pink dress too :)

Lauren Conrad always has perfect hair.  I love the long layers.  I want my hair to grow, grow grow.

Carrie, Carrie, Carrie.  Please trade me hair.  Or send your stylist to do my hair everyday.  I love the length + the bangs.

Love the sassy bangs and layers.

I love the long and straight look as well.  I want my hair to be this long.  Maybe by next summer.

Anyway, your input would be appreciated.  Bangs or no bangs.  I just can't decide.

Thank you, friends!  And more blogging is on it's way.  I'm way behind...

Friday, September 16, 2011

Follow the Prophet

All my life I've been taught to follow the Prophet.  I really strive to do that and this is definitely something I follow the Prophet on.


Monday, August 29, 2011


Love must be in the air.

Over the past two weeks, we've had TWO big engagements take place in our families.

First up, Trevor and Jeana.

Trevor is Josh's younger brother and we have all been waiting a long time for this engagement to happen.  Two weeks ago, Trevor finally sealed the deal and asked Jeana to marry him.

I absolutely love and adore Jeana(Trevor too!)  She is the perfect match for Trevor and the perfect addition to the Meadows family.  We need more girls in our family.  Josh is the oldest of five boys and all I know is that there will be a special place in heaven for his mom.  Those boys have put her through the ringer(they still do).  It has been so nice to have Jeana around to help me and Sandy keep those boys in line.  :)  Please pray our first baby is a girl.  The family needs it.

I am so excited to have Jeana as a sister.  I know she and I will be great friends and sisters.  I am so happy for them and can't wait for January 3rd.

Next up, my cute cousin, Whitney.

I can't believe my cute little cuzy is all grown up and getting married.  Whitney is the little sister I never had.  She and I only have brothers, so she and I have filled that void in each other's lives since we are both sister-less.  We have always been close and people often mistake us for sisters(we have the exact same nose and the same Wonnacott double chin!).  I have so many fun memories with Whitney.  From Hawaii trips, to being her EFY counselor seven years ago, to playing with our Grandma's toys when we were little, to shopping trips to Nordstrom and MAC makeup, I can't even put into words how much this girl means to me.

Whitney was the maid of honor at my wedding and I can't wait to be there with her on her wedding day.

(I tried to add a picture of us on my wedding day, but my computer is being dumb.)
I am so happy for Whitney and Jimmer.  They are in for a wild ride, but I know they can be great examples to those around them as they are thrown into this crazy lifestyle.  (And hey- I might have an "in" on meeting Kyle Korver.  Finally!)   I wish them all the happiness in the world.  I know their wedding with be out of this world.  Love you, cuzy!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Best 2 Years

On Saturday, August 6th, Josh and I celebrated our TWO year anniversary.

Seriously.  Where does the time go?

Time flies when you're having fun.

To celebrate our marriage, we went to dinner at Benihana and it was delish.  And thanks to them, we have a photo to document our anniversary.  Thank you, Benihana!

We kept our anniversary very low key, but it was perfect.  We wanted to plan a little weekend getaway, but we are going to Lake Powell in a few weeks and we still have a million things we want/need to do to our house, so our anniversary gift to each other will be a new dishwasher. or sink. or bathroom vanity.

It was nice to have a relaxing night, just the two of us. Life seems to be as busy and crazy as ever, so these little moments are few and far between.

I am truly a lucky woman to be married to Joshua Anthony Meadows.  He is always so much fun to be around and he can make me laugh no matter what kind of mood I'm in.  No matter how hard I fight it, the boy can always make me smile when I'm upset.  He's the most patient, level headed and logical person I know.  He can always set me straight when I'm being emotional, feeling stressed or worried about anything.  I would say we balance each other out pretty darn well.  I love that he is ALL mine.

Here's to eternity, babe!

P.S.  I just realized today marks exactly FOUR years since our first date.  August is a good month.

Friday, July 22, 2011

2 hours and 20 minutes

What can you accomplish in 2 hours and 20 minutes?  Well if you're my dad, you can complete a marathon.  That's right - 26.2 miles in 2 hours and 20 minutes.  And on top of that amazing time, he WON the marathon.  This was not the only marathon he won...he also won the Las Vegas marathon two years in a row.  Seriously, who does that?  Scott Bringhurst does.

I have to take a minute to brag about my dad.  Not only is he the nicest, most genuine person you'll ever meet, but he is also an amazing runner.  We're talking three time All American Runner. Marathon winner. Record setter. 

Back in 1974 my dad won the Deseret News marathon.  Since the marathon is coming up this weekend, KSL did a little spotlight on him.  Here is the link.  Check out his mustache!  WOW. 

Even at 63, my dad still gets out there and runs as much as his MS lets him.  When I lived at home, there were several different times I was driving home from somewhere and I would see a man running ridiculously fast and as I got closer I realized, "Hey, that's MY dad!"  He's still got it - even though he would tell you otherwise.  He is so humble and will never admit to his greatness, so I am grateful that KSL was able to show him off a little bit. 

I hope there is some part in me that has a little bit of his running gene.  Josh and I have started running a little bit and by the time we get to the bottom of the street, we want to die.  I have a long way to go before I can even attempt a marathon someday, but if I ever do, I will be lucky enough to have the best coach ever.

Dad, you are awesome.  I love you.

Monday, June 27, 2011

I don't like dental school

Today I really dislike dental school.  Like really, REALLY, really dislike it.  Josh feels the same. 

We dislike dental school because it has taken our best friends to Louisville, Kentucky for the next four years. 

I can't say enough good things about Ty and Lauren.  They have seriously been the best friends Josh and I could ask for.  It's going to be a huge adjustment having them gone.  We miss them already.

Thank goodness this whole dental school thing isn't permanent.  In retrospect, four years isn't THAT long, right?  I've been thinking back to what I was doing four years ago so I can get a feel for how fast the time will pass....

Four years ago I was working as an EFY counselor and I became an aunt when Ava was born.  Josh and I also had our first date almost four years ago.  All of these events seem like they were only a year ago.  If these next four years go by as fast as the past four years have then I can totally do this!  I also made Lauren start a blog so that she can keep me up to date on all of their adventures.  You'll blog all the time, right Laur? :)

Last week we spent as much time with Tyler and Lauren as possible until we had to say our goodbyes.

We had a little pool party with a bunch of friends

The girls -this picture turned out blurry, but I still like it

Josh, Me, Lauren and Ty

 Me and Lauren. Love her.

Tyler and Lauren the day before moving day

Me and Lauren

Josh and Tyler

We are already looking forward to seeing them when they come in town in August and again in December and then next summer.  We will definitely plan a trip or two out there to visit them while they're gone.  And the good news is, WICKED will be playing in Louisville next year so I'm pretty sure we will have to plan a trip during that time.  Louisville is also a short hour and a half from where the Indianapolis Colts play(Josh's favorite team) so we might have to go to an NFL game as well.  It's a win/win situation!

As much as I'm going to miss our besties, I know this will be an amazing experience for them.  They will grow as a couple and make many wonderful memories over the next four years.  Tyler worked and studied so hard to get into dental school and I know his hard work will pay off.  Ty and Lauren, we love you!

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Last week, Josh and I were lucky enough to vacation in our favorite place on earth - Kauai, Hawaii.  We honeymooned there, and were so excited to go back.  (I cried on the way to the airport at the end of our honeymoon because I was worried that we would never go back!)  Anyway, we went with Josh's family and had an amazing time.  The weather could not have been better, which we were very grateful for after having a hurricane warning on our honeymoon and two days of pouring rain.

This vacation was much needed.  These past few months seem like a crazy blur after all the work we've been doing and continue to do to our house and both Josh and I have been working six days a week most weeks so that we have a few extra dollars to keep making improvements to our little home.  I feel like I only ever see Josh in the evenings and because we are so busy, we rarely get to spend quality time together.  Vacations are good for the soul and good for your marriage.  Once in a while you need a break from your everyday routine and have a little carefree fun.

Anyway, here are some highlights from the trip!

Stopping at an overlook on our way to the beach

 Trevor and his GF Jeana.  If he doesn't marry her, we are kicking him out of the family.

 On a beautiful hike

 The wonderful people who made this trip happen

My favorite little birds in Hawaii.  This guy totally posed for me.

Me and Riley(aka "Roo Roo")

Me and my favorite boy

Josh jumping into Queen's bath...doesn't he look like a little boy with his legs like that?

Girls at the farmer's market 

We bought lots of yummy fruit

My father in law, Hugh, and my brother in law, Connor, won a hula contest.  Funniest thing ever.  We went to a hula show at this cute little shopping center and they selected a few members of the crowd to come up and be in a contest.

Here is some footage of the contest.  If you know them, it just makes it that much more funny because they are not the type of guys to go up and do this sort of thing.  Please excuse the shaking and my crazy laugh during the video. 

Bali Hai...if you've seen South Pacific then you've heard of this mountain

Our favorite beach, Kalihiwai! Best boogie boarding waves.

Getting ready to boogie

On our last day we hiked to this place called Secret Turtle Cave and the views were amazing

We finally made it to the cave after walking through lots of slippery rocks in the ocean

 And there were turtles inside!  It was one of the coolest things I've ever seen.  I love sea turtles.

 Family photo in the cave after our little friend went back to sea.

We had such a great time. Josh and I love Hawaii and we hope to go back several times.  We would seriously live there if we could.  We love everything about it.  I wish everyone could go to Hawaii at least once because it is such a beautiful and fun place.

I just have to share one of my favorite moments from the trip real quick.  Josh's youngest brother, Riley(or Roo Roo as we like to call him) is 13 and has such a fun personality.  He still has a lot of little boy in him and he was really excited for the plane ride because he had never been on an airplane before.  Anyway, the flight from Los Angeles to Hawaii is just over five hours long, but feels like an eternity.  Riley was sitting in the row in front of his parents so he was sitting next to two strangers and fell asleep with his head against the window.  A little while into his nap, he switched from resting on the window to the stranger's shoulder.  He was out cold and napped for close to two hours on this man's shoulder.  It was awesome.  Oh Roo Roo, thank you for the entertainment!

And I want to give a special thanks to my wonderful in-laws for making this trip possible.  We had such a great time and we are so blessed to have you in our lives.  Thanks for all you do for us.  We love you!

Hawaii, until we meet again.  We love you.  ALOHA!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day
to all the wonderful mothers in my life!

I love you!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Garr Bear's Wedding

Hello Blog world.  Long time no see.

I promise to get my blog back on real soon...for all two of you that read it.

Anyway, last week I was able to go to my cousin Garrett's wedding.  Garrett(AKA Garr Bear) is the little brother I never had.  I have always been close to him and his siblings.  My brother's are seven and nine years older than me and growing up, that age gap was very difficult sometimes.   But lucky for me I have lots of fun cousins that are just a few years younger than me and have been able to spend lots of time with them throughout my life.

Garrett was able to be there on my wedding day and his sister, Whitney, was my maid of honor, so I was so grateful I was able to be there on his big day.  It was the first sealing I've been to since my own.  There is absolutely nothing better than being inside the temple.  The Spirit was so strong and I cried the whole time.   I kept thinking about my wedding day and about how lucky I am to be sealed to Josh.

The wedding was absolutely beautiful.  It could rival the royal wedding, I tell ya!  Garrett's now wife, Ashton, is from Mesa, so they were sealed in the Mesa Arizona Temple and had a beautiful reception outdoors that evening.  It was 97 degrees on their wedding day.  I felt like I had flash forwarded to summer.  I loved it!  Garrett on the other hand is from Littleton, Colorado and had a beautiful dinner at the Cherry Hills Country Club.  Shortly after arriving to Denver from Mesa, it snowed.  I much prefer the Arizona weather.

Well, let's get to the pictures, shall we?

                Adorable, yes?

Best Cuzies

Mr. and Mrs. Wonnacott

The beautiful Mesa Temple

 The cute Groomsmen

 Me and the beautiful bride

 New Sisters

 Me and Whitney

The beautiful reception

Me and the cute groom

 Cutting the cake

First dance

Jimmer doing the Dougie.  He has moves.

The getaway car

A Jimmer sandwich at the Colorado Reception

Hanging out before the dinner

My cute cousin Jimmy, the groom's brother

 Girl Cousins

Cousins + Jimmer

Love this girl like a sister.

As you can tell, the wedding was beautiful.  I had such a great time, but missed Josh like crazy.  Because of his crazy work schedule and a family trip coming up, he wasn't able to come.  Poor guy.  I felt so bad having all this fun while he was back home working.  We haven't had many nights apart in the nearly two years that we've been married, so it was very weird going to sleep without him next to me.  I can honestly say I think it is healthy for a marriage to spend some time away from your spouse.  It really made both Josh and I realize just how much we need each other and rely on each other.  It's so easy to take your spouse for granted when you see them everyday and this trip has made me appreciate Josh more than ever.

p.s.  Can someone please explain to me how I can put pictures side by side in blog posts?  I hate that this post is a mile long.  Thanks!