Wednesday, September 2, 2009

August 6th, 2009

Well, I am FINALLY catching up with blogging!! Be prepared to experience blog post overload from me.

August 6th, 2009 was the best day of my life!! There are no words to describe how amazing that day was and how wonderful it is to be sealed to Josh. I was actually able to sleep for a few hours the night before the big day and I woke up, showered and went to my hair appointment. My good friend Shawna did my hair and I LOVED how it turned out! Seriously, it looked good! :) Then I hurried home, got dressed and spent a LONG time getting my makeup just perfect. Then it was off to the Salt Lake Temple.

It was so special having my mom there helping me put my temple clothes on. I know it is weird but exciting to have her only daughter be married. After that, Josh and I were able to go sit in the Celestial room and wait for our turn to be sealed. There is no better feeling than to sit in such a sacred place with your eternal companion. We were both so excited, but so nervous. When it was our turn, we had a few minutes to talk with our sealer, Don Gowans, who is a man from my home ward. He is such a stud! He has got to be the smartest man I know-especially about the gospel. Then it was time to finally enter the sealing room. I will NEVER forget that moment. It was one of the best and most over-whelming feelings I have ever felt. My eyes immediately filled with tears as soon as I saw all of our family and close friends there to share this big moment in our lives. My dear friend Kenneth Cope squeezed my hand as we walked in and for some reason that calmed me down a bit. We were so lucky to have such support that day.

The sealing was perfect and so amazing. I wish I could remember every single thing about it and every word that was said. Elder Gowans did such a good job of keeping it short and sweet, but not rushed at all. After the sealing, we were able to hug every person that had attended and that was So cool! I'm so glad so many of our close friends could be there. It was kind of an advantage being one of the last of my friends to get married so that more friends could be a part of our sealing. I am also so grateful my cute grandparents could be there. They are 89 years old and these past few years I have wondered if they would still be around when I got married. I have had a close relationship with them my whole life and I feel so blessed that they were in good enough health to be there on our wedding day.

Another highlight of the temple was walking out the temple doors with Josh and seeing even more friends and family waiting to greet us. I have never felt so much love! All my best girlfriends were there, as well as Josh's close friends. We also had several cousins and relatives there that hadn't been at the sealing. It was so fun seeing everyone and taking pictures with people that mean so much to us! Here are some pictures from the temple from my brother's camera. Sorry these are in a reverse order. :) I'm still learning how to blog!

My mom and dad and Ava

With Josh's family

Josh's fam

Me and Ava Anne

My family

I'm obsessed with my dress. And Josh.

I also LOVED my wedding shoes

It was a little windy that day


LOVE my girls! I wish Heather was in this pic!

Walking up the stairs in a wedding dress is extremely difficult!

My extended family

Josh's extended family

Coming out of the temple


Heather said...

Yay! You are back to the blogging world! Great post.... I teared up a little even remembering your sealing. What a special moment for you guys! I am so happy for you and for your exciting new life with Josh! You guys were made for each other! I can't wait for more posts to come! Love you beyotch.

PS.... I wish I was in the picture too. Too bad for me I had to run to my car because it was parked on the road and the meter had expired. Yes... I got a parking ticket and the ticket lady was a total beast. BOO. I should have just stayed for the pictures. Oh well.... you looked beautiful!!

Mindy said...

I adore your photos! And I adore you!!