Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our Tropical Reception!

Here are some pictures from our reception! We had it at Cactus and Tropicals, which turned out absolutely beautiful! Especially since it was extremely windy and dusty the night of our reception, so we were all safe and sound inside, in a beautiful atmosphere! Be sure to scroll down after the pictures and I will tell you the iPod story! FINALLY!

Cutest little flower girl EVER!

Seeing my cake for the first time! It was PERFECT and SO CUTE!

Me, excited about something!

Ava checking out her little bouquet

Me and my cute Maid of Honor-My cousin Whitney

Josh and his boys!

Leaving in our car that was decorated SO cute!

And now the moment you've all been waiting for!!

The story of my missing iPod!!!

As all of you know, music is EXTREMELY important to me. I can't function without it. A few days before the wedding, I stayed up late one night putting together two wedding playlists on my iPod. The first playlist would serve as the background music during the reception and the second was our dancing playlist. I put a lot of thought and effort in deciding what song Josh and I would dance to, as well as other fun songs to play at the end of the reception. The song I decided on was "Love Me Tender," the David Archuleta version that plays on our blog. I am OBSESSED with this song. I love the words and I love the way he sings it. So perfect for my wedding.

Anyway, partway through the reception, I realize that the music had stopped playing. Obviously I couldn't leave the line, so as soon as I saw someone from my family nearby, I asked them to go check on the music and didn't really think much about it until the line was done and it was time to cut the cake. That's when I was told that my iPod was gone. I did my best to fight the tears, and we cut the cake, tossed the bouquet and garter and then I ran around asking the Cactus and Tropicals workers if they knew anything about my iPod. They said that as soon as they heard the music stop, they ran back into the audio room and it was no where to be found. Then came the tears. No bride should cry tears of sadness on her wedding day! Seriously! Luckily our videographer had the copy of the cd of songs I had made for our wedding video in his car and "Love Me Tender" was on it, so he quickly grabbed it and Josh and I were somewhat able to dance, but the cd kept cutting out. It was better than nothing, but I was so bummed my fun songs I had planned weren't going to work out. For example, I was going to have "Single Ladies" by Beyonce play when I was getting ready to toss the bouquet and then I had some fun songs I wanted to dance to with all or our friends. You know, a little Britney, JT, Black Eyed Peas, etc.

Well, Josh and I left the reception and tried not to think about the iPod. I mean who in their right mind would steal the bride's iPod on her wedding day?? Another bummer about it was that we had a 7 hour flight the next day to Hawaii, so we had no iPod to help make the flight more bearable. About 3 days into our honeymoon, we get a call from Josh's mom saying that my iPod might get recovered. And here is what happened.

During the reception, Josh's 11 year old brother and one of his cousin's got bored and decided to wander around. They came across the audio room, got curious and went inside. They saw my little pink iPod and decided to play with it. They ended up unplugging it, somehow not realizing that when they did that, the music stopped and they started playing around with it.(When I got it back, it was on Kanye West....yeah, he was NOT on my wedding playlist) After a few minutes, they thought they heard a dog bark or something??? And they got scared and hurried and set the iPod down and ran out of the room. The iPod somehow fell deep into a box, and that is why it wasn't found the night of the reception. Anyway, Josh's little brother then left the reception early with his cousin, without his mother's knowledge, so he had no idea my iPod was gone until a few days after the wedding. Sandy was talking about it and he asked if it was a pink iPod and she said yes, and he proceeded to tell her the whole story. So the next day, she took him to Cactus and Tropicals and they searched the audio room and found it buried deep in a box.

So my iPod is back in my possession. I am so glad it is, but still get frustrated when I think about what a disaster the end of our reception was. I know worse things could have happened, but every girl wants their wedding day to be perfect. And, because my iPod was missing, my mom missed us cutting the cake and tossing the bouquet and garter because she was looking for my iPod. I feel so sad that she did! After all, she and my dad are the ones that paid for the wedding and I am their only daughter. If only his brother had stayed the whole reception, then it would have been solved right then and there. At least he did fess up about it though! But we are glad it is back and Josh is REALLY glad he doesn't have to buy me a new iPod! :)


Rachel and Codee said...

Your pictures are so GORGEOUS! Is Cactus and Tropicals pretty reasonable? I've been looking everywhere for a good location for my upcoming wedding.
And I love your ipod story. Pretty funny! I'm glad you got it back.

Allison and Josh said...

haha! Thanks! Me too! Yeah, it was pretty reasonable. It seems like the rental fee was around 1800 and then you get 500 back after the wedding and it is SO pretty in there! You should totally check it out! Congrats on the engagement! When are you getting married??

Ali said...

I wish I could have been there. I would have sang (off key of course) single ladies on the top of my lungs on your behalf. What an awful thing to have happen... I'm glad your music has been restored to you. That's the good news. I understand your heart ache about your Mom missing those moments. No one is allowed to look as gorgeous as you did at your wedding, so I suppose that unfortunate ipod experience was your piece of opposition! How was Hawaii?