Thursday, October 15, 2009

funny story

About a week or so ago, Josh and I babysat Ava at our apartment for a few hours. When Ava first got there, Josh was watching a DVD for his LSAT course, so my original plan of watching a Disney Princess movie with her had to be put on hold. Since there's not much to entertain a 2 year-old with in our little apartment, I resorted to showing her pictures from the wedding on our computer. Ava LOVES to look at pictures, so this was working out well.

After going through the wedding pictures, I started showing her pictures of our honeymoon. As you know, we went on our honeymoon to Hawaii, so the majority of our pictures were taken on the beach in our swimsuits. When I got to pictures of Josh at the beach, she started saying, "Josh naked, Josh naked!" I started laughing, but didn't think much of it because whenever Ava sees a man mowing his lawn or running without a shirt on, she always says, "Man naked, he's naked."

When we were through looking through the pictures, Josh was still occupying the TV, so I decided to paint her fingernails. As I am painting her nails, she says, "I wanna see naked Josh, I wanna see naked Josh!" I could not stop laughing! Which was probably a bad thing because then that just egged her on to keep saying it! I guess her little crush on Josh has escalated to a whole new level! :)

I just hope when she sees Josh at church on Sundays she won't yell out, "I wanna see naked Josh!"

Kids really do say the darndest things!

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