Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year!!!

Well, at least in my opinion it is!

There is just something about this time of the year that I love!! As soon as March hits, I am instantly in a better mood.

I love that March means Spring is finally on its way and the long, yucky Winter months are behind us. The temperatures start to get a little warmer, it stays light outside a little longer. Ah! I love it!

Even though Summer is hands down my favorite season, this is my favorite time of year-if that makes any sense. I love knowing that most of the cold days are over{hopefully} and I love that it is only a matter of weeks until the trees and flowers start to bloom.

To me, Spring means a fresh start. Everything seems to come back to life and the sun is out a lot more.

It brings me so much joy knowing that Summer is only a few short months away! I just hope we don't have a June like we did last year. yuck!

Anyway, probably my favorite thing about this time of year is that I can purchase these bad boys.....

Yep, the Cadbury Mini Egg! Oh they are heaven! I have loved them for as long as I can remember. My mom always has a bag hidden somewhere in the kitchen this time of year and I have always been able to find them. :)

And I may or may not have consumed an entire large bag in 2 days at work....I have a serious addiction. But they are only around for a small amount of time, so I've got to take advantage, right?? They are delectable! And I've got Josh hooked on them now! go me!

Also, this month is BIRTHDAY month!! YAY!! But I do feel as though I am on the verge of a mid-twenties crisis. I do NOT want to turn the age that I'm about to turn. yikes!


Abe and Lisa said...

Birthday month is the greatest! Celebrating with friends and family is the best. And cadbury eggs are amazing I too have an obsession. I think it's nothing to be ashamed about. Hitting the 2-6 sounds horrible I too don't want to hit that age and I have to face the music in 8 days!

Rodney and Tanya said...

Yay for birthday month! I remember our birthdays are really close. . . Yay for Cadbury mini eggs too!

Luke and Marin said...

I love this time of year too! And don't be too embarrassed about your Cadbury egg addiction, you're not alone! Love spring time!

Tiare and James said...

Pretty sure I've gone through 2 1/2 bags of cadbury eggs in just a few days! They're amazing! Today I bought coconut hershey kisses (just around for Easter) . . . . amazing!!

Tyson & Alyson said...

I think you like this month the most because it's your Birthday month ever since you were a little girl you thought you birthday should be a national holiday, and it usually lasts for more than just one day.

Allison and Josh said...

Tyson, you are a dork!