Monday, March 22, 2010

quick little post!

I thought I would make a quick little post!  It's been a fun few days!  And we've got a lot of fun days ahead of us this week and I knew if I didn't blog about this now, I would have too much to blog about next week!

Anyway, last week I went to the Jazz game with my good friend, Karen, aka, Chochie!  We LOVE the Jazz and we LOVE #26....

It was his birthday on St. Patrick's day and we went to the game on his birthday last year, so we thought we should keep the tradition alive!  We bought from scalpers and wound up on the 14th row!!  Steal of a deal, I tell ya!

We made a similar poster last year, but this year we made it on the jumbtron.  No biggie.

He is definitely the most attractive player in the NBA!

St. Patrick's Day must be this guy's favorite Holiday!

On Sunday we had my birthday dinner with my family and my cute cousins and their significant others came up from BYU for dinner!  I LOVE this girl!!

We went for the Prom pose in this pic...not sure why....And if my cousin's boy looks familiar, he may or may not play basketball for BYU....

I had a blast seeing my cousins.  They are like siblings to me!  It was a fun start to a fun week! 

Keep your fingers crossed for me that I don't have a mid-twenties crisis.  I am so not excited about turning the age I am about to turn.  barf.

But my birthday should be a fun day!  Legally Blonde: The Musical, baby!
And then we are off to sunny St. George for some much needed R & R!!!  Can't wait!
Love you all!

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Luke and Marin said...

I showed Luke the picture of your cousin and Jimmer, and he really wants to hang out with all of you guys! haha. Hope you have fun in St. George!