Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Stadium of Fire!

We had a fabulous holiday weekend! We went to the Oakley Rodeo with Josh's family on the 2nd and had a blast, and then the highlight of the weekend was attending the Stadium of Fire on the 3rd.

When I heard my girl Carrie Underwood was going to be the guest of honor, I knew that this was something I HAD to go to!

I went to her concert in 2008 and have wanted to see her again ever since. She is someone I admire and look up to in so many ways. She is not only (in my opinion) the most beautiful girl on the planet, but she is classy, fun and an amazing singer! She just seems like an all around good person, and I love that.

When I first got the tickets, Josh didn't think he would want to go. As it got closer, he decided to give it a shot and he ended up having a ton of fun! I think he was singing along almost as much as I was.

Before the show kicked off, they were honoring the Boy Scouts of America and had several boys there that received their Eagle. This cute old man is currently the oldest Eagle Scout and he spoke. He is in his 90's and so cute!
One of the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen! I may not care for Provo or BYU, but I must say it is a pretty campus.


Come again soon, Carrie!

And the highlight of the night...Carrie singing the National Anthem. She has got pipes! I unfortunately didn't get the very start because I was not expecting her to be the one to perform the National Anthem. I am so glad I got to hear her sing that song. Now you can too :)

Stadium of Fire is a total blast! The fireworks are seriously amazing and unlike an other firework show I have ever seen....except for when some fireworks malfunctioned and shot into the audience....Besides that, the night was amazing and probably the best 4th (well 3rd) of July I've ever had!


Mindy said...

Haha I love the remark about BYU. Hahaha, but of course I would. :) I also love how excited you get about whatever it is you are doing!! :)

Heather said...

You are SOOOOO just like Carrie! haha. Love you beyotch! Looks like you had fun!