Sunday, June 27, 2010

14 again!

This past week I got to be 14 again.

I went to the Backstreet Boys concert and it did NOT disappoint!

When BSB were in their prime, I was such a huge fan. (let's be honest, I still am!) The obsession began in 9th grade. In fact, that year I created my first email address ever, which was "blondiebsb." I still have that email address and am dang proud of it.

Even though I was obsessed with BSB, I never had the opportunity to see them in concert during their glory days. Believe me, I was really sad about that.

Luckily my boys decided to come here in concert and there was NO way I was going to let myself miss out on seeing them. I talked to a few of my fellow BSB fan friends and got online the second they went on sale.

We ended up on the 13th row and had the best time! Our only complaint is that Kevin is no longer in BSB and he was a hottie. :)

Cassandra, me and Courtney

I already created a whole album on Facebook album with several pictures from the concert, so I will just add a few of my favorites and then some video of my favorite songs!

Nick Carter got HOT!

Brian was adorable as ever and his little 5 or 6 year old boy came out on stage at the start of the show to introduce the Backstreet Boys. It was too cute!

"All I Have to Give"
My favorite BSB song and Josh actually loves this song!!

"Larger Than Life"

And of course,

"I Want it That Way"

I had such a blast at the concert! I would see them again and again! And if we could get NSYNC to do a reunion tour someday, my life would be complete. :)


Ali said...

Awesome! I did see them as a teenager and loved it beyond words. I'm so glad you got to go :) I'd be missing Kevin too.

Matt & Mele Hardman said...

So Cute!. I'm so happy you had so much fun!

Shawna Wilson said...

Oh believe me... I went to their concert way back when, with Erin Lindsley and our MOMS! hahaha. They sound just the same... brings back so many memories!