Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mama Retires

After 34 years of teaching 1st grade, my cute little mama retired last week.

34 years...wow!  What an accomplishment!  34 years is a LONG time.  I am so proud of my mom and so happy for her.  She deserves to enjoy life and enjoy having lots of freedom.

A few weeks ago, my mom's school threw a little retirement party for her. It was pretty amazing to see several of her former students stop by and thank her for teaching them. She was very good at her job and I know she touched many lives.

My whole life, my mom has not only worked full time, but she has also managed to take care of her kids, keep the house clean, stay on top of all the laundry and ironing, make dinner and fulfill her church callings.  I don't know how she has done it all these years, but I sure hope I can master doing all of those things at once someday.

Me and my mom on my wedding day!

My mom loves being a grandma, and she is excited to spend a lot more time helping out with the grandkids and future grandkids. :)  I also know another little girl that will be happy to have her home more often...

our cute little dog.

Congratulations, Mom!!  I love you!!

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Mindy said...

I cannot fathom 34 years!!! :) I am like countdown until the day I no longer have to work! I don't know how she did it all! P.s. I heart your dog.