Sunday, November 1, 2009

The King of Pop

On Thursday night I went to this movie....

With one of my favorite girls, Karen! aka Choch

Josh had is LSAT class, so Choch and I went on a little date to dinner and the Michael Jackson movie. If you have the opportunity to see it, DO IT!!! I am just in complete awe of his talent. Even at the age of 50, he could still do his signature moves just as well as he did them when he was in his 20's.

Yes I know Michael Jackson was very odd and a part of me does think he was a big weirdo creep, but since his death, and especially after seeing this movie, his talent and dedication to his work outshines his weirdness. And how can you not love all of his songs?? Which by the way, he wrote most of them. I swear when it comes to music, there is nothing he could not do. One thing I really loved about the movie is that it showed different sides of MJ that we haven't really seen before. You see him joking around and being goofy with his band and crew and you could really see the love he had for the world, environment and people in general. I think MJ really did have good intentions in almost everything he did.

I honestly think that part of Michael Jackson's weirdness stems from many things. Obvious reasons being his abusive father, becoming a superstar at such a young age and never having a normal childhood. But I think that the biggest contributor of his oddness is the fact that he was so unbelievably talented at singing, dancing, songwriting, performing, etc. He truly is in a league of his own, and because of that, he really had no one that he could really relate to or anyone that could understand what it was like to have that kind of success. Can you imagine what that must of been like to not be able to really relate to anyone? VERY sad if you ask me.

My brother Mark has always been a HUGE MJ fan, so from an early age, I was exposed to a whole lot of MJ! Sometimes my mom would make us change the channel when his crotch grabbing became excessive, but I have always had a great love for his music and a great admiration and respect for his talent. I will forever and always be an MJ fan and will make sure my kids know and love his music! I love you, MJ!!

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Mindy said...

I have never, never, never liked a single thing about this man. Just too weird [regardless of the reasons, which I believe are completely valid]. BUT: when I was learning Thriller [insert laughter here] and I was watching it ... Watching HIM ... Wow. What he could do was amazing. Simply amazing. Almost amazing as with what I could do in Thriller. ;)