Monday, November 9, 2009

A wedding, a birthday and an anniversary

November 6th was a special day!

First of all, my cute friend Katy got married to Brad Miles. They are one of those couples that just seems absolutely perfect for each other. I am so so SO happy for them and I am so grateful to call Katy my friend. Katy is such an awesome girl and is always fun to be around. And she is always there for you. She cried with me when I got dumped a year and a half ago and I cried with her when she and Brad broke up and went through a little rough patch. I hope Katy and Brad have an eternity of happiness together!!

Me, the beautiful bride, Heather and Chochie
Me and Heather. I love this girl and don't see her enough.
Chochie and me. Love her. It's her birthday tomorrow!

Second of all, November 6th was my little Elle's 5th birthday! (You better believe I am blogging about my dog's birthday!) You see Elle is a special little dog. Not only is she the cutest ball of fur that's ever lived, but she has lived a much longer life than we would have ever expected. When Elle was about 3 months old, she was no longer able to keep any food down. You could see it in her little face that she did not feel well most of the time. After several trips to various vets, she was diagnosed with acid reflux combined with a rare esophageal problem. Her esophagus is slightly bent, making it difficult for food to go down. The vets thought that as she began growing to her full size that her esophagus would continue to bend and eventually close off and that she would not survive. Our family was devastated. Since Elle is the product of my grandparent's dog, Maggie, we had become attached to her the day she was born. The vet did give the option of surgery to correct her esophagus, but as you can imagine, that was not going to be cheap. But we were all so in love with our new puppy that my parents decided it was worth a shot. Elle went in for surgery, and the vets discovered that her little esophagus was not as bent as they thought and that surgery was not necessary! She is our little miracle dog. And although she still has a difficult time with eating once in a while, we are grateful she belongs to our family because we don't know if other families would be as patient with her health issues. We sure love our pomeranian!

This is a little video of Elle playing with her baby brother from a different litter of puppies(same mom and dad though) Her little brother looks EXACTLY like Elle did when we got her. Adorable!

Oh and a quick funny story. The morning we were told Elle wasn't going to survive her medical issues, I was very upset and cried A LOT! That night I was supposed to go on a date, but knew that I wouldn't be much fun and would probably end up crying on the date, so I called up my date to cancel and explain my situation. When I called, he did not answer, so I decided to leave a message on his voicemail. I couldn't make it through the voicemail without crying as I explained the situation with my new puppy. He called back and acted sympathetic. Acted being the key word....because a few years later, I found out that he thought my message was a hoax and just a lame way to get out of a date and he had played my voicemail for ALL of his friends!! Funny, huh? Just one more example of why you should give people the benefit of the doubt!

And lastly, November 6th was the 3 month anniversary of the best day of my life!!
I can't believe we have been married for 3 months already!! Time flies by so quickly! It is almost difficult to remember life before Josh and I am so grateful that he is ALL MINE for eternity! He brings so much joy into my life and I love him more than anything. He always makes me laugh and I always look forward to spending time with him. He supports me in everything I do and I know that he is always there for me. I love you, Joshua!!

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Heather said...

You are right! We do not see enough of each other! Lets change that, okay? Congrats on the three month anniversary! Love you tons!