Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas with Archie

As most of you know, I am a HUGE David Archuleta fan. I absolutely adore that kid. Last week he performed 2 Christmas concerts in Salt Lake City and being the fanatic that I am, I went to both. :) My parents are also big David fans, so when I told them about the concert, they offered to take me and Josh to it. (I love my parents! Thanks, Mom and Dad!!!) So I went one night with Josh and my parents and one night with my friend Steph who is also a David fanatic. And let me tell you, David Archuleta does NOT disappoint! Yes he is a little shy and awkward when he is talking in between songs, but that is part of his charm. Here is a pic from the show.

Some of you may wonder why I love this kid so much, so here are some reasons: I love that after winning $100,000 on Star Search when he was 12, he gave $10,000 in tithing. I love that he's not afraid to basically bear his testimony in his "thank you's" on his Christmas album. I love that at his Christmas concert, he was not afraid to express his love and thanks to his Savior. I love that he is a good role model and I LOVE that he can sing like there's no tomorrow. I hope David can have a long and successful career. He certainly has the talent for it!

One of the highlights of the show was that his mom came out and sang with him. On his Christmas album, he sings "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" as a duet, so during that song, he welcomed his mom to the stage. After hearing her sing, I definitely know where David's talent comes from. She has a beautiful voice and it was so fun watching them sing with each other. You can tell he loves his mom a lot. He's adorable.

My favorite moment of the concert was when he sang "Prayer of the Children." I first fell in love with that song in high school after hearing a group of guys sing it at the Veteran's Day concert. David sang it so heartfelt and perfectly and lucky for you, you can hear it too! Enjoy!

Warning: You will get chills and/or cry!


Mindy said...

He came to EFY once while I was BCing it. All the girls swooned over him after the variety show. He was a little naughty though and gave his counselor a run for his money at least twice everyday. :)

Allison and Josh said...

haha! Was that the year Nate Benham was his counselor? Nate told me all about how he was so quiet and would disappear sometimes. You never know what those teenage boys are gonna do! Nate said everyone was in shock wnen he sang so well at the variety show.

The life of a college girl said...

Love it!!! That song is amazing!!! :D