Tuesday, February 23, 2010

a belated valentine's post!

I know, I know...I'm about a week and a half behind on this post, but I wanted to blog about Valentine's Day for my memory's sake.

Josh and I had a very fun, but very low key and relaxing Valentine's Day weekend. We saw the movie, "Valentine's Day" with our friends Ty and Lauren on that Friday night, and then celebrated our Valentine's Day on Saturday night. It's always weird when a holiday falls on a Sunday.

Anyway, we had planned to go to Desert Star Playhouse for our Valentine's date, but we called too late and they were sold out. I wanted to do something fun and meaningful, so I decided to make Josh his favorite meal; which is salmon and red rice and beans. His mom makes it and it is soooooo good! So I had my first experience with cooking fish and I must say, it turned out very well! :)

After we ate, we enjoyed several episodes of Prison Break. It was very fun and relaxing and nice to just spend a night at home together.

I sure love my Valentine!
(I didn't take any pictures on Valentine's Day, so an engagement pic will have to do!)
I think Valentine's Day can be such a weird/awkward holiday if you are dating someone and are unsure of where things stand. The holiday gets so much hype, but shouldn't we always show love to the people we love??

However, I must say that Valentine's day does hold a special place in my heart now. Let's flash back to Valentine's Day 2009...That was the first night I realized that Josh really did like me a lot.

Josh and I were dating quite consistently, but I still wasn't 100% sure where things stood. It was probably because I was still recovering from having my heart ripped out of my chest only 6 months before that. I was really liking Josh, (I always had) but was terrified to let myself fall for him or even believe that he really liked me.

Anyway, Josh had asked me out for Valentine's Day and I was super stoked! But I was debating the whole time whether or not I should get him a gift. What on earth do you get a guy for Valentine's Day? Especially when you are only dating? My parents were out of town and I remember calling my mom the morning of Valentine's Day asking her advice. She said it would probably be okay if I didn't get him anything. I didn't worry about it, but was worried about how I would feel if he got me something.

He showed up empty handed and I was so relieved! We had a fun dinner at Bonsai with Chris and Shianne, and then got some ice cream and watched a movie. I was so glad that I didn't have to feel guilty for not getting him anything since he didn't get me anything-or so I thought.

As we pulled up to my house at the end of the night, we were sitting in his truck talking and kissing and then he reached in the back and handed me a little red bag. I.was.shocked. Inside was a bottle of Ed Hardy perfume!! I immediately felt awful that I hadn't gotten him anything, but it was then that I knew Josh really liked me. I knew Josh well enough to know that he wouldn't do something like that for a girl unless he really liked her. I was one happy girl that night! I could hardly sleep and couldn't wait to call my mom in the morning to tell her.

It was a very cute and thoughtful gift and I love to wear that perfume!

Ever since then, Josh has teased me about not getting him anything for Valentine's Day. haha. I think I made up for it this year though by cooking his favorite meal on a Saturday night! I never cook on the weekends! Our Valentine's Day gifts to each other were new cellphones-which I might add are the bomb dot com. Can't wait for many more Valentine's Days with my honey.

Valentine's Day 2009.

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Chris and Shianne said...

sick take that pix off of me! haha at least you can see my cheek bones!