Monday, February 15, 2010

bend and snap!

My birthday present to myself came in the mail the other day!!!

That's right folks, Legally Blonde The Musical is coming to town on MY birthday!! What are the odds that opening night is on March 23, my actual day of birth?? Those of you that know me well are fully aware that Legally Blonde is my favorite movie(well, it's tied with The Wizard of Oz), so you can only imagine my excitement when I learned that it was coming to SLC on my birthday! I can't think of anything more appropriate than Legally Blonde on my birthday! (Actually, Wicked could maybe beat it but either one works for me!) Elle Woods is my idol! haha. For reals though.

I am a little ticked though because the tickets were originally supposed to go on sale on February 8th. February 8th rolls around and I jump online to purchase my tickets, only to discover that they had changed the date to January 15th!!! Almost a month earlier!!! Luckily, some tickets were still available but our seats aren't as good as I had hoped, but in the long run, it probably saved us some $$$! The better the seats are the more it costs. I am still just as excited as I could possibly be!

Speaking of my birthday, my dear sweet Joshua always complains that he never knows what to get me for Christmas, birthdays, etc... Since I know he reads this blog, I will publicly make him a list of suggestions so that he can't say he didn't know what to get. :) (babe, I know we are poor, so I don't expect much, and I know I won't get most of what is on my list, but a girl can dream!)

  • Michael Buble tickets - This is way far fetched because the concert is sold out, but Michael is my favorite performer and I LOVE him! I would give just about anything to go to his concert.
  • Skinny Jeans from Buckle - You can get my size from my other Buckle jeans in my closet :)
  • This Is It - The Michael Jackson movie. You know how I love MJ!
  • A Pedicure - I know you love it when my toes are polished and cute!
  • Cute Spring Clothes
  • Mac Eye Shadows - Whitney could give you good suggestions!!
  • The soundtrack for Legally Blonde The Musical - You know I will want that after we see it!
  • This decoration - I know Halloween is a ways away, but I am in LOVE with this. I NEED IT!
  • A gym pass
  • And my biggest birthday wish is that my cute boy will find a good, full-time job VERY soon!


Ali said...

Brilliant idea of leaving the list idea on your blog!

So yes, I LOVE GLEE (in response to your last comment) and think that Lea Michelle would make a great Elphaba... the latest rumor I've read is that Idina Menzel (love her too) is going to be the director of their rival, vocal adrenaline. I can't wait. Someday we'll see Wicked together, deal?!

Mindy said...

I hope you get EVERY single present listed!! :) Unrealistic, maybe. But I hope for you nonetheless. :)

Allison and Josh said...

hahaha! Thanks, Mindy! I had to give the boy lots of options, you know?

And Ali, yes, we MUST see Wicked together! I would imagine we would be the biggest fans in the audience!

Shawna Wilson said...

Ok, that Halloween decoration would be so easy to make! Have you ever been to wood connection? This is so up my ally, I bet we could make the whole thing for 20 bucks!