Monday, April 5, 2010

A Legally Blonde Birthday!!

A few weeks ago, I turned the big 2-6{gasp!}  Even though I wasn't excited about the age I was turning, I had an awesome birthday! 

Thank you, everyone for the sweet birthday texts, calls and Facebook messages!  I am so blessed to have such great people in my life!

As you all know, the night of my birthday, we saw Legally Blonde: The Musical!

It was the perfect thing to do on my birthday(well, seeing Wicked could beat it).  It wasn't quite as good as I had hoped, but I still liked it a lot and am really glad I saw it!!  The movie is still WAY better, but the musical did include some of my favorite lines from the movie, so that was fun!

Lines like, "I totally forgot you go here," "Woods, comma, Elle," and of course, "Whoever said tangerine was the new pink, was seriously disturbed!"  (in the movie she says "orange" instead of tangerine!)

Here I am in the theater with my goofy husband :)

And here I am outside of the theatre!  I still can't believe opening night was on my birthday!!

Birthdays are my favorite.


Mindy said...

In pink your for your birthay. Perfect. :)

Natalie said...

You have a good husband! I don't know if scott would be willing to take me to that! You look beautiful and not a day over 20 :) I miss you so much! I am so happy you have this blog so I can keep up with you and your great life! I am so happy Josh got a full time job! How is law school applying coming along? I hated that process because I just wanted to know where we were going to go and start planning and packing, but it's hard when you get letters like a month or two before you have to be there! Oh yes and that was an AMAZING joke you played on Josh! ha ha ha! That timing was perfect! It would have been even more perfect if it wasn't a joke! Josh would have happily gotten used to it! :) You are going to have GORGEOUS children! Well I hope you have a wonderful week! I think we need to talk on the phone sometime! Love ya beautiful girl!