Wednesday, April 21, 2010

ghetto no more!

We recently made a HUGE improvement to our little living room.

Soon after we got married, we found a steal of a deal on an awesome tv.  We purchased it, but could not afford a tv stand at the time.  So we settled for this:

Can anyone say GHETTO??  I would seriously cringe every time I saw it.  I was almost embarassed to have people over because I hated how it looked.

But considering that we were(still are) poor newlyweds, we just dealt with it and knew eventually we would have something better than 2 stools to put our tv on.

Uncle Sam was good to us, so we decided to use some of our tax return to purchase a tv stand.  We searched EVERYWHERE!  RC Willey, John Paras, Downeast Home, RC Willey Outlet, Ashley Furniture, KSL, etc.

We saw several we liked, but they were all too expensive.  We weren't about to spend $600 on a tv stand, no matter how much we liked it.  It's not worth it when you live in an apartment and don't know what your future living arrangements will be.

One day while Josh was in Wal-Mart, he found this:

Upgrade?  I think so.

It was a great find, and was under $150!  It's definitely not the highest quality tv stand around, but it looks good and it works perfect for us for now!

Thank you, Wal-Mart.


Mellie said...

I love it Allison! We used to use an old record player as our t.v. stand. Last year we too finally "upgraded" to one from Wal-Mart for that same price. Funny!

Chris and Annalisa said...

Ha ha, oh my gosh, I love this! Brings back such good memories of when I got married 4 years ago. We also bought a TV and were too cheap to buy a my genius husband tipped the box over and set the TV on top. It stayed that way for WEEKS.

Finally I found a TV stand at Kmart for $29 on sale. It was such a steal that I was so proud of myself. The funny part is -- we still use it! Ha ha! You can see it when you come for the coupon class, lol. So be glad you bought a nice looking one, because if you're like us it'll stay for a while. :)

Mystique Shepherd said...

Love it!! We got our entertainment stand free from my uncle when he moved, and our kitchen table came from wal-mart for about the same deal, so not worth buying expensive things at this stage of our lives when we move often and have so many changes going on :)

Mindy said...

Looks great!! P.s. In my old apartment I had those bar stools ... as bar stools. Not a TV stand. :) I am actually trying to sell them on KSL with no such luck. :) Haha, oh well. :)

Moffat Family said...

hey. at least you guys have an awesome tv. we still have a super ugly old square tv that you can't see the entire picture on. we can't see the scores for any games :)

John and Blakes said...

Alison, I was so excited when I saw your comment on my blog! Fun to hear from you! I loved this post, because I LOVE wal mart! ha ha, such a great place!

I am glad to be able to keep in touch via-blog! I will have to add you to my blog list thingy... I am just learning how to blog, but it's so fun!