Thursday, May 6, 2010

So inspiring!

I know I'm not the first person to post this video on a blog, but I wanted to share it with any of you that might not have seen it.

On Tuesday I was home with a violent case of the stomach flu and saw this video for the first time.  I was feeling absolutely miserable and having a little pity party for myself until I saw this video.  I was immediately humbled and reminded that the stomach flu really isn't that bad.

If you haven't read Stephanie Nielson's blog, you should probably check it out.  You have to read back a ways to know the whole story, but believe me, it will be worth your time.  She is such an inspiration and helps me remember to be thankful for my blessings.   I hope I can have her kind of strength when I am faced with trials in my life.


Caleb & Alicia said...

WOWIE she is AMAZING!!! Her faith and positive attitude reminds me of Emma Smith. Did you see that movie? it was on after conference. Such a great example to all women!!!

Trav and Lizzie said...

Holy crap, bring on the tears.
Thanks for this.

I'm about to share it, too.

Mellie said...

Thanks for sharing this Allison. It totally made a hormonal pregnant lady cry before work today! I love inspiring stories like this one because it helps me so much to deal with my own little trials better.