Tuesday, May 18, 2010

getting my craft on!

Lately I have been bitten by a craft bug!

Seriously, I love doing crafts.  I wish I could have one day a week completely devoted to doing crafts.  In my spare time, I love looking at craft blogs to help me get ideas of what to do in the future.

My only problem is that I am extremely OCD and a total perfectionist when I am working on something, so sometimes crafting is very frustrating for me.  I want everything to turn out perfect!  At some point, I just have to be content with the fact that I tried my best.

Anyway, for Christmas my in-laws gave me sewing lessons and to say I have enjoyed them would be an understatement- I have absolutely loved every minute of it!!  I have always wanted to learn how to sew, so this was the perfect gift for me.

Here are some of my projects...

First up, chair cushions for our kitchen table chairs.  I love our table and chairs and want to make them last as long as possible. I had been looking for some cushions for a while, but never found any that I liked, or if I found one I liked, the store wouldn't have enough of them.  A few weeks into my sewing class, I had a brilliant idea to make my own cushions!

I am really happy with how they turned out!  I made 4 chair cushions and then I also just finished a matching cushion to go on the bench that goes with our table.

I love love love the fabric I found!!  Here it is up close.

My most recent project was a window valance to go with our bedroom set.  Here is our bedding, courtesy of the best store ever, Target!

When we got our bedding last summer, they didn't have anything for windows to go with it. A few months ago while browsing Target.com, I discovered they had just come out with either a window valance or a window panel to go with our set. Unfortunately, the valance was way too small for our window. I would have needed 3 valances for our one window, so I decided to improvise. I ordered the window panel and made my own valance in my sewing class. I wanted to add a little something extra to it, so I bought some black fabric to add to the bottom, and voila! A window valance! I love having something on our window. It totally completes our bedroom. 

(Don't you love the brownish blinds! :) Gotta love apartment living!)

Next on the agenda in my sewing class....a skirt for myself and possibly some throw pillows for our bed!


Nikki said...

I love the addition of the black on the bottom!! The valance is too small for our window as well, so I may have to steal your idea. Thanks for sharing :)

BTW, the picture of you and your husband above is gorgeous! And I love craft blogs too! I assume you've seen "Make it and Love it?"

Abe and Lisa said...

Great job Al!!

I want to get new cushions for my table chairs and have not been successful. Doing it myself would be awesome!! Yours look awesome. I need to take sewing classes. Geezzz look at how much you are learning! I'm totally jealous.

I bet the skirt you make will be super cute. My mom made a skirt for me a few years ago and I always get comments on it. We should get our craft on together sometime :)

Caleb & Alicia said...

LOVE it ALL!!! When you move down here, we can finally be BESTEST CRAFT COUSINS:) BTW what are we going to do this weekend while the boys are playing xbox? I have been look for a frame for those jewelry things but havent found a cute one :( I have some super easy skirt patters for the elastic waist skirts:) soo cute and sooo easy.

Mindy said...

Thank you for teaching me what a valance was ... I had no idea. I CANNOT wait to see your skirt!!

Mark and Bethany said...

Those are so cute!! I have to agree--crafting is addicting! I wish we lived closer so we could have craft days together!