Tuesday, April 6, 2010

some much needed vitamin D!

We recently returned from a much needed vacation in St. George.  There really are no words to describe how much I LOVE St. George.  I love the palm trees, red rocks and warm(er) weather.  I think I am supposed to live there someday! 

We went down with our friends Ty and Lauren, and a bunch of our other friends were down there as well so it was fun to hang out with everyone.  The weather was not quite what the forecast had predicted, but it was still warm enough to come home with some tan lines-and this girl LOVES having tan lines!!

We spent our trip sleeping in, laying out by the pool, getting smoothies from Orange Peel, shopping and spending a day in Las Vegas!  We had a blast!

Anywho, even though I had my camera with me the entire time, I hardly took any pictures. I guess we'll just have to go again soon then! :)  Here are the pics I did take:

I know, I know, they look like cross dressers or something.  I was on the hunt for some cute, cheap black flip flops and while we stopped in Payless, Josh and Ty hollered for us to come over to where they were....I am glad they can now appreciate the talent it takes to walk in heels!

We saw this sweet Lamborghini in the mall parking lot in Vegas. 

Ty and Lauren

Me and my honey

I have always wanted to go to Serendipity in New York and try the world famous frozen hot chocolate.  I recently heard that they had opened one in Vegas, so we went there for dessert!  It was better than I imagined!!  SOOO tasty!

St. George, I hope to see you again soon!! xoxoxo


Mindy said...

I am headed to St. George TODAY and spending a day in Vegas too!! :)

P.s. How can the hot chocolate be frozen? :)

Abe and Lisa said...

Frozen hot chocolate's from Serendipity are the BEST!! We all need to go to NYC sometime together. Love that place. Glad you guys had fun in St. George.

Natalie said...

I must concur with lisa frozen hot chocolate from serendipity is the best! You can get the mix at williams and sonoma. But the atmosphere is what makes it special :) I bet you don't have to wait in a line for a year and half in Vegas either... Did you have a 10.50 minimum per person problem there? just curious because i would love to go but not if they do that. that's is what they do in NYC. Well if you come down to St. George again maybe I can drive up and see you! Loves!

Luke and Marin said...

I grew up with Lauren!!! She was seriously one of my best friends growing up, we lived on the same street!!! I didn't know you knew her!