Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Holiday Decor

I LOVE decorating for holidays.  When I was growing up, my mom always had fun decorations out for each holiday and I want to do the same for my children.  It adds such a fun feeling to the home.

I have started collecting decorations little by little and have started making several of my own.

Today I put my Thanksgiving decorations up and looking at them puts a smile on my face.

Here is the fall door hang I made.  I love that I can use it for all of fall.

I made these cute pumpkins that can also be up for October and November.

My cute turkey!

Fall table runner

Cute Pilgrims!

Fall frame.

 Fun figurines for my shelf.

 This has also been on our door for part of Fall.  Now I have it on our coat closet door.  It will definitely be on our door the week of the BYU/UTAH game.  Go Utes!

 I meant to blog about my fun Halloween decorations back in October, so I'm just going to blog about them now!  I LOVE my Halloween decorations so much.

 My Halloween tablecloth.

I love my Bats!

I bought this picture up at Swiss Days and I absolutely love it.  It was done by an artist named Jon McNaughton.  I also bought a beautiful picture of the Nativity as well as a picture of Christ from him.  I love his work.  You can check him out here.

My Wicked letter set.  Love it.  Anyone recognize the font? :)

Cute Halloween phrases I got at Michaels for $1.

 Fun find at the Quilted Bear

My cute Frankenstein.

 Fun plaque I made.  I'm in love with the paper I found for it.

 And last but not least....the cutest Halloween decorations EVER!  The second I saw these I knew I had to have them.  I know if I wouldn't have bought them that I would regret it every year when I got my Halloween decorations out.  I'm pretty sure they were meant for me.  :)

Oh I love the Holidays!  Now I've got to get to work on my Christmas crafts.  I can't wait to finish them and put them up!


Mystique Shepherd said...

Thank you for decorating for thanksgiving. I love thanksgiving and I feel it gets over looked every year! Your decorations are so so cute! I wish I was more crafty like you :)

Mellie said...

Allison, your decorations are all so cute!!!

Caleb & Alicia said...

WOW your AMAZING!!! I'm in love with all the cute pumpkin decorations you made!! :) Please can you teach me?? Where did you get all the wood and stuff to use?

Rachel and Codee said...

Love it all! And I really like the polka dot paper on the bat bases. :)
We'll be ready to take on swiss days with all decor next year.

Steph and Mathew said...

Decorating is the BEST!!!! We always had fun decorations in my house too! I definitely wish I was more "crafty" so I could make my own but for now buying other people's talents works for me :) Very cute stuff Allison, I need a one on one training session!!!

Lauren and Eric said...

I am in love with all of your decorations! Seriously, you are so cute and creative! I love all of them! I have been trying to figure out a cute football decoration for football season, and I totally love your Utes door hanging.

Mark and Bethany said...

Wow! Your house must look super cute! I love them all!!! Can you come decorate mine please? :)