Tuesday, March 11, 2014

First official haircut

On Sunday, February 9th, I finally gave in and let Josh's mom give Reese her first official haircut. She had been needing one for a long time, but I knew as soon as it was all trimmed up, she would look more grown up than she already does, so I kept putting it off.

Reese has always had an older look to her and people often think she is older than she is. When she was 9 months old, someone asked me if she was 18 months old! What!?! I think babies with lots of hair usually look older than bald babies and Reese has always been tall for her age, so those two things put together make her look a little older than she actually is. I knew that a haircut would only add to my baby growing up too fast.

I didn't ever think I would have a bald baby because both Josh and I had a decent amount of hair when we were born, but I never expected the amount of hair that Reese had/has. When I was in labor, my dr. came to check my progress and told me he thought she had lots of hair...(sorry if that is too much information! haha) but when she was finally born and handed to me, I couldn't believe how much hair she had and how much curl it had to it. My dr. was right!

She was known in the nursery as the baby with all the hair. We couldn't get over it and couldn't believe how curly it got when wet. She definitely got that from the Meadows side and not from me!

Besides having crazy, curly hair, the color has also changed a few different times. As a newborn, it was a lighter shade of brown with golden highlights. It was such a unique and pretty color.

After a few months, it started to get a strawberry tint to it and we thought we were maybe going to have a strawberry blonde/redhead.
As her hair continued to grow, her roots got lighter and lighter-(a reverse melt as I like to call it) and she also got a bald spot in the back from rubbing in her car seat and bed.

This is what we woke up to almost every morning for several months 

The bald spot was totally hidden by her top layer of hair, but as it has come in, it is blonde and doesn't have any of the strawberry in it. Her top layer still does in the ends, so she has quite the variety of hair colors right now! I'll be so curious to see what her hair is like by the summertime.

Anyway, back to the haircut. (sorry, just trying to document as much as possible!)

The bald spot in the back I mentioned earlier had finally come in and the underneath layer of hair was shorter than the top layer, putting her hair in an awkward stage for the past few months. Plus, the remaining curls from when she was a newborn are only in her ends, making her hair get frizzy very easily. It's crazy that she had such curly hair at birth, and now it is getting straighter all the time. I loved those cute curls. Josh's mom had been offering to cut her hair for months but I wasn't ready. I finally gave in and I am so glad I did! It looks so dang cute and I know it will help her hair grow in better and more evenly. Now if I could just get her to stop pulling out her hair bows all the time!

 Before on the left, after on the right.

I can't wait for it to get longer so we can do some fun pony's, piggies and braids, but I am loving her little bob right now! I LOVE roundbrushing her hair after her baths. It looks so cute! This girl was blessed with some good hair.

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