Tuesday, March 4, 2014

15 months

Somehow my baby girl is already 15 months old. She is becoming more and more of a toddler and less of a baby everyday. It's oh so very bittersweet. I absolutely love watching her grow up and learn new things and reach new milestones, but at the same time, it all goes by so quickly and I just want to savor and freeze every moment.

I have honestly loved every single stage so far! I don't know if I could choose a favorite, because I love them all, but I must say that this stage is extremely fun right now. I don't know how I got so lucky to have such a happy, good-natured, beautiful baby girl, but I am forever grateful.

I want to be better at documenting her milestones, so here are some things that she has been doing lately. (beware: long post ahead!)

For the past month or so, Reese has been learning more words and animal sounds. It's amazing how quickly she is picking up on things. It's a good reminder for me to watch what I say and what kind of music and tv she is exposed to.

Here are some of the things she says right now:
  • mama
  • dada
  • more
  • ball
  • bow
  • sock
  • uh oh
  • no no (of course)
  • hi
  • bye bye
  • baby (she always whispers it. so cute.)
  •  beep beep (this means belly button. in order to distract her while I change her diaper, I say, "Where's your belly button" and then I push her belly button and say "beep beep" and now she is always trying to push her "beep beep" and look for mine and Josh's belly buttons)
  • all gone
  • all done
  • night night
  • gaga (grandma)
  • cacka (cracker)
  • baba (bottle/sippy cup)
  • good girl
 The animal sounds she knows are:
  • quack quack (ducky) side note: "quack" was her first official word
  • meow (kitty)
  • woof woof (doggy)
  • tweet tweet (birdie)
  • whoooo (owl)
  • hssssssssss (snake)
  • oh ha ha ha (monkey)
  • roar (lion...she always whispers the roar. so cute)
  • if you ask her what a fishy says, she makes a fishy face
  • if you ask her what a bunny says, she scrunches her nose and sniffs. It is so cute.

Other fun things about this age....

She loves music. She gets so happy and excited when she hears a fun song and will raise her hands in the air, or clap or shake her bum. It's so cute. She doesn't quite have the attention span to sit down and watch a movie or any shows yet, but she LOVES the theme song for Sofia the First and the Hot Dog dance song from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She gets so excited when she hears them. We listen to the Frozen soundtrack a lot and she loves it! She especially loves "Do You Wanna Build a Snowman" and clicks her tongue right on queue when it gets to the part where Anna sings "It gets a little lonely, all these empty rooms, watching the hours tick by." She is a smart little girl.

She has always been a good sleeper, but was also a major night owl and we were lucky if we could get her down before 10:00 p.m. She is finally going down each night between 8-8:30 and sleeping until 7:30-8ish the next morning. It's awesome! I always miss her when she goes to sleep, but it gives me the chance to get in some work hours or get other stuff done when she goes down for the night

One of the most exciting things she has done recently is take her first steps. For the past few weeks, she has been taking steps here and there and in the last few days, she is doing it more and more and I know one of these days she will just go for it and not sit down after 7-8 steps. I'm not gonna lie, I am so ready for her to walk and say goodbye to crawling. I know walking will bring new challenges, but I am so done with dirty hands, socks and knees and holes in her cute pants. And I may or may not have several pairs of cute shoes that I am dying for her to wear.

I am so grateful she is finally taking steps. For months I was a little worried that something was wrong because she would not put weight on her legs. She finally started doing it a little bit around 9-10 months old, and even then it was hard to come by. Usually once babies can support their own heads, they will stand up when you hold them on your lap. Reese would never do that. She would always lift up her tiny little legs and act so put out that we were trying to make her stand. Our pediatrician, who I love by the way, did some observations and exercises with her to make sure her muscle tone was what it needed to be and to be sure that she didn't have cerebral palsy or anything like that. He assured me that she was fine and would put weight on her legs when she was ready. He was right and around 10-11 months, she started to pull herself up to anything and everything. She is quite the monkey and can climb up on the couches and climbed out of her crib at 11 months, which just about gave me a heart attack when I heard the thud from her fall. I am convinced part of her slowness to put weight on her legs and walk is because she has the longest, skinniest baby legs ever and the skinniest little feet. She is in the 5% for weight and 82%  for height, but her head is in the 89%, so it must take a lot of work for those skinny legs to support that noggin. haha. She is my little string bean.

A sad but cute story from her 15 month checkup: When it came time to get her shots, I had to hold her on my lap a certain way so the nurse could give her the shots without her wiggling too much and as soon as the first shot went in, Reese started crying and kept saying "all done! all done!" over and over again. It was so sad but so cute at the same time. I always dread watching her get shots, but I know it is for the best.

She is wearing 6-12 month sized socks in this picture and clearly they are too big. She usually wears 0-6 month socks because of her skinny little feet and legs.

She climbed from the floor up on to the couch and up on to the top of the couch like this all by herself. (don't mind the paper blinds. Our basement still needs some final touches)

 Lately Reese has been a total mama's girl. I love it so much, even though it can make it hard to get things done sometimes. I know she may not always be a mama's girl, so I am enjoying every minute of it. She had her first ear infection along with a bad cold last week and only wanted me. I hated that she was sick and not feeling well, but I loved all of the cuddles I got. Even though she prefers me most of the time, she absolutely loves her dad. He can make her laugh harder than anyone else and almost everyday she will look out the window and say "dada" in hopes that he is coming home. She gets so excited when he comes home from work. She also LOVES both of her grandmas. Whenever we leave either of our parent's, she is always crying and reaching for grandma. I'm glad she loves them both so much and I know they feel the same towards her. She loves all the attention she gets from Josh's brothers and their wives and she always reaches for my brother Tyson whenever she sees him. I'm glad she is loved by so many and that she loves them back.

Reese also loves animals right now. She loves my family's dog (Elle Woods) and is always wanting to give her treats and follow her everywhere. If we are ever with friends that have dogs or cats, Reese will do everything in her power to know where that animal is the whole time.

Right now she completely obsessed with babies and kids, but especially babies. She is such a social little thing. All during Relief Society each Sunday, she is trying to get to all the babies in the room. (3 more months until nursery! haha) This past weekend we were with some friends that have a nine month old baby girl and Reese wanted to be near her the whole night and kept trying to hug her and give her kisses. She also has a baby doll that she got for Christmas and she loves to hold her and rock her. It's amazing how young motherly instinct can kick in. I think she might be ready to be a big sister! 

This baby doll was the best $7 Santa ever spent!

Right now Reese has 4 teeth on the top and 3 on the bottom, with a 4th on the bottom getting close to coming in. I keep trying to check for molars, but that is not an easy task with a wiggly one-year-old. Teething is definitely not a fun process for anyone involved. So far she has handled it pretty well as long as I give her a little Motrin or Tylenol so hopefully the same will ring true when her molars come in. I tell you what though, nursing sure changes once they get teeth. Ouch. And yes, we are still nursing a few times a day and I love it! (minus the biting of course) I don't know when we'll stop, but I know our days are limited, so I am just enjoying that extra special time I get to spend snuggling her.

I love this little girl more than words can say. She is my sunshine!

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Morgan said...

Such a darling little girl. And I love that she can say "bow" and "good girl". That cracks me up, she's such a cutie!