Friday, June 12, 2009

A busy, but successful week...


Wow! This week has been a busy one. A stressful one, but a fun one! We have been trying to get an approximate count on how many guests to plan on for the reception as well as accumulate addresses and figure out how many invitations we'll need to order. This has definitely been my least favorite part of the wedding planning process, but I think we have finally gotten it all figured out! I think our invitations are going to turn out really cute! (P.S. If you would like an invite and haven't given me your address, please do so as soon as you can. Thanks!)

Yesterday, (Thursday) was such a fun day! I had my first fitting for my wedding dress and I am in love with it! Thank you Sottero and Midgley for designing such a beautiful dress for me! Sleeves have to be added and the dress needs to be taken in quite a bit because it is about 3 sizes too big(it was the last one in the country), but the seamstress really knows what she's doing so I think it will turn out amazing and that the sleeves will blend in really well with the style of the dress. I can't wait to see the finished product!! If you want the link to the dress, let me know!

After my fitting, I had my first shower. My cute cousin, Whitney, threw me the cutest shower! Her mom, who I consider to be my second mom, flew in from Colorado to help her get everything ready. Whitney just barely turned 19, so she hasn't attended very many wedding showers yet, but she did a great job! It was so fun to have almost all the women in my extended family there, as well as Josh's mom and two grandmothers. She started off with a game and she had contacted Josh beforehand and had him answer a bunch of questions about me and about him. If I got one wrong, or if his answers about me were wrong, I had to put a piece of Dubble Bubble gum in my mouth. I ended up with 10 pieces in my mouth! I have kind of a small mouth, so gum was pretty much oozing out! haha but it was fun! Then I opened gifts and boy did we get spoiled! I am thrilled with what we got! I feel so blessed and so grateful for the generosity that has been shown towards me and Josh. We are so fortunate to have such great people in our lives. And a special thanks to Whitney for all the work and effort she put into it. She is the little sister I never had and I couldn't ask for a better Maid of Honor! I LOVE YOU, CUZY!!

Here are some pics from the shower. Most of them are a little blurry for some reason.

Carson, me and Whitney. I LOVE these girls like sisters!

The chocolate fountain was having issues...that is until Whitney realized one bag of chocolate is not enough for it. The lady at the store lied.

Whitney made me wear that tiara and sash and then everyone had a pink or green lei to wear. (Our wedding colors are pink and green and we're going to Hawaii on our honeymoon)

Possibly the ugliest picture EVER! My mouth full of bubblegum.

Me and Ava in one of her shy moments

Today, (Friday) was also a big day for us! We put our deposit down on an apartment! We are so excited to have that taken care of and we LOVE where we will be living. It will be a 2 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath apartment that also has a laundry room in it. Yes, a laundry room, not a laundry closet like most apartments. That will be fun since Josh's parents got us a washer and dryer instead of doing a wedding dinner. That feature will also give us some extra storage place. The apartment is in a great location and a steal of a price. $675! Another bonus is that my good friend Tiare and her husband live in an apartment below us, so that will be a lot of fun! We feel so lucky and blessed to have found such a great deal.

And we have another big day tomorrow! This guy's 25th birthday!!

Isn't he cute? haha. I am so excited to celebrate with him and enjoy a day where we can relax and have fun. Plus I got him 2 really awesome gifts. He will be absolutely SHOCKED by one of them! I am so excited to give him a fun surprise since he notorious for tricking and surprising me! Don't worry, I'll let you all know what it is after I give it to him. I've worked very hard on it, so hopefully he'll like it! Happy Birthday my Ken Doll! I LOVE YOU!!


Abe and Lisa Johnson said...

Oh Allison what a cute post! And the weather is horrible... i hope it gets better by noon today... the pool by our apt. is open now and I SO WANT TO GO!! It's been a busy week for me as well and some summer sun would be oh so nice! I didn't realize that you are older than Josh nice!! And just b/c you are moving by Tiare doesn't mean that you can't still come vist me in Sandy.. i will get lonely without my girls :)

I can't wait for our friend shower!!
lisa yo jo

Matt and Amber said...

Hey... I am excited to see what you got Josh for his birthday! :) In case you didn't know... I would like to keep one of your announcements, so count me on your list of people! :) Thanks! Can't wait for your engagement picture! Talk to you soon.