Monday, June 15, 2009

Josh's Birthday!

Saturday was Josh's 25th birthday! It turned out really well! His mom wanted to have a little surprise party at a nearby park for him, so it was my job to contact all of our friends about it. Josh is the king of surprising people, so he had his suspicions. Plus his mom had been cooking loads of food all day long. Anyway, I picked Josh up, we ran an errand and then went to the park. We had a really great turnout. His whole family was there, as well as some of his cousins and some grandparents and my family and almost all of my friends and his friends were there. It was awesome! I can't believe I didn't take a single picture! I had even charged my camera that day to make sure my battery wouldn't die. I guess we were too busy eating, mingling and having fun!

After the party, we went and played some games with a few of his friends. We had a blast! After that, he and I went back to his house and he opened his gifts from me. Finally, I was able to give him a BIG surprise!

The Saturday before his birthday, I went with my voice teacher to her parent's house and recorded about 6 songs for him! Her dad has some recording equipment and had turned a walk-in closet into a little recording studio. It was so much fun and I am pleased with the way it turned out. Josh always complains that I don't ever sing for him(even though he hears me sing in the car all the time) so I thought this would be the perfect gift. Here are the songs I recorded for him:

1. When You Say Nothing At All
2. Bless The Broken Road
3. I'll Stand By You
4. Popular (His favorite song from Wicked. He makes me sing it all the time)
5. For Good (Another song from Wicked. This one was a duet with my voice teacher)
6. I Feel My Savior's Love

He was so shocked and surprised with the cd! My plan worked! :) I am so grateful it turned out well. Flash back to last Friday, June 5th....We raced from Ava's birthday party down to the Bee's game to see his dad throw the first pitch. We were running a little late, so we had to bolt into the stadium and I don't know if you remember but last Friday it was extremely windy and dusty in the air. When we finally got in, (we missed his dad's pitch by the way) :( I could NOT stop coughing. The combo of the running, the dusty wind and my allergies were making me miserable. Later that night I eventually lost my voice. I was freaking out inside since the big recording day was the next day. Luckily my voice was mostly back by the time I went to record. "For Good" was the last song we did and in some parts, it's obvious my voice is getting weak.

Anyway, it was so fun to do what I love, for my love! Singing is my absolute favorite thing to do and I want to continue to develop my voice and improve. Women's voices don't fully mature until around the age of 30, and vocal chords are just muscles that need exercise as well, so hopefully it's all uphill from here! Besides the cd, I got Josh this awesome nightstand from Ikea! We saw them there a few months ago and he LOVED them! I also bought one for myself so that we can have one on each side of the bed.

I am so happy my honey had a good birthday and that my gift was a success! I can't wait to celebrate many more birthdays with him! I love you, Joshua!!

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The Parr's said...

What a great surprise!!! Brandon used to complain that I never played the guitar or sang for him...I'm way to sheepish. (He has stopped complaining because he knows it will never happen). So you are a better person than I am :) P.S. I LOVE the nightstands!