Sunday, June 14, 2009

A little bit sad :(

Today I got released from my church calling and I am super sad about it. Since September of 2007, I have been the Beehive teacher in my home ward. I have LOVED every minute of it! Seriously, there are no words to describe how much I love those girls and how much I love the other leaders. I have learned so much from everyone and feel so blessed to have been able to have this calling. I was only 23 when I was called and was so excited, but scared out of my mind! I was the youngest leader and the only one that wasn't married and had a family, so I feared that I would feel out of place. Quite the opposite happened. Every leader welcomed me in with open arms and never treated me differently or made me feel less important even though I was a lot younger than them. They are all amazing women and I hope I can be like them someday.

Now you may be wondering why I am so sad about this, considering the fact that I am getting married in August and being released is bound to happen since I will be moving out of the ward. Well here is why....

A few weeks after I got engaged, the bishop had me come meet with him to discuss how the wedding plans were going and to find out whether or not I would be too busy to fulfill my calling while planning a wedding. I assured him that I loved my calling and was happy to stay in until I got married. After talking to the YW president, as well as the second counselor who is over the Beehives with me, they both said they wanted to keep me in until I got married. I felt so relieved and happy that I would be able to stay because I truly do love my calling.

Last Sunday morning, the Bishop called my house and informed me that I would be getting released next Sunday(today). Tears started streaming down my cheeks and I sat and cried for a while. I was not ready to be released yet. (I'm still not) Especially since I thought I still had until August to be with my girls. During the week, I talked to the YW second counselor and the YW president and neither one of them were aware that I was going to be released already. The bishop had even told me in discussing my situation with the YW president, they thought I should be released now. Clearly you can tell that the YW president did NOT tell the bishop to go ahead and release me.

I know I need to just let this go and not be upset with the bishop, but it's hard not to be. And I think why I am having a difficult time is because I had such a close relationship with the last bishop and I have a really hard time with the new one. I won't go into further detail, because this is not the place to discuss it, but I'm sure many of you have had a bishop or leader you've struggled with.

Anyway, I am grateful I had the opportunity to serve these girls and will treasure every memory and every thing I learned from it. I have truly learned the importance of church callings through being the Beehive advisor. The new teacher is darling and she'll do a great job!

I love you, Highland View YW and leaders!


Mindy said...

Hon, I am so sorry. :(

Allison and Josh said...

It's okay! It was bound to happen. I just wasn't ready for it quite yet. Our bishop is kind of interesting....oh well!